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Diabetes Education

Diabetes Education

Meet with our Certified Diabetes Educator for guidance on diabetes, health and weight loss

Filling Prescriptions


Schedule your 1-on-1 Medication Review with our Pharmacist to gain better perspective on your medications.

Filling Prescriptions

Prescription Transfer

We handle all your prescription needs.  Visit us or call and we’ll be happy to help. We look forward to meeting you!

Why See a Pharmacist

At Market Street Pharmacy, we strive to be a knowledgeable, thorough resource for your health needs.

Filling Prescriptions

We can fill your prescriptions, offer Compliance Packaging, and are certified for Additional Prescribing Authority.  We have several convenient ways for you to pickup or dropoff prescriptions, including at our dedicated drive-thru window.

Health Advice and Guidance

We offer advice and guidance on numerous health topics including Diabetes, Travel Health, Medication Reviews, OTC counseling, and more.

Special Services

If you require compression stockings, AADL services, vaccines for shingles and tetanus, or other specialized services, let us know and we’d be happy to help.

Our Pharmacy Manager, Stefano, and his Pharmacy Assistant, Amber, both have specialized expertise.  Learn more about their expertise and the pharmacy.

Small Town, Big Heart

At Market Street Pharmacy, we are committed to treating every person with the utmost care and attention.  We cherish being part of the community in Vulcan and truly value the strong relationships we’ve built up over the years and the ones that are to come.  We take pride in providing professional expertise and guidance in all areas of health.


Check out our Resources page for information on common ailments and health information.

Our Services

Prescriptions Services

Medication Reviews

Diabetes/Health Education

OTC Department

Travel Health Services

Not Your Typical Pharmacy

Client Reviews

"This is the best pharmacy in town. Friendly, fast and great service. Stefano will listen to your concerns and help you the best possible way."

J. G.

"The pharmacist is the best!! Very helpful and knowledgeable! His assistant is super nice. Both great people!!"

G. R.

"...Since I started going to Market Street Pharmacy in Vulcan the service and the helpful information that Stefano has to offer is very outstanding. He knows me even when I give him a call he automatically knows who’s calling. He and his assistant are very friendly and courteous. Also Stefano always takes the time to chat and see how things are going with me and My Parents. Thanks Stefano and your Assistant for all you both have done and the outstanding service keep it up. ..."

K. S.