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A Wide Range of Services for you and your Family

At Market Street Pharmacy, we are committed to professionalism and the highest standard of care.  It is our passion to help the people in our community to live healthier lives.

We are located in Vulcan are always looking to grow our connection and serve the town and surrounding community.  Give us a call or stop by the pharmacy (located in the Market Street grocery store) and we will be happy to assist you.

Our pharmacy services are comprehensive and our Pharmacy Manager is trained in Diabetes Education and Travel Health and has expertise in many areas of health.

At Market Street, you can count on us to provide the best in service, care, and education. 

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Here are some of the services you will find at Market Street Pharmacy


Compliance Packaging

Additional Prescribing Authority Services

Deliveries within Vulcan Town Limits

Drive-Thru for prescription pickup and dropoff

OTC Counseling

OTC Medications

Rapid Antigen Tests for COVID-19

Medication Reviews

Nutrition Education

Travel Health Consults

Diabetes Patient Consults

Diabetes Prevention Consults

Alberta Aids to Daily Living Services

Compression Stocking Fitting

Flu Shots

Vaccines for shingles, pneumonia, hepatitis A and B, tetanus, and more

Diabetes Services & Education

Our Pharmacy Manager, Stefano, is a Certified Diabetes Educator.  This means that he has undergone a comprehensive and grueling training program and successfully passed the Canadian Diabetes Educator Certification Board examination. 

Having completed the course and examination, Stefano is well equipped to answer all your questions on diabetes and health, both in treatment and prevention.  Give us a call or stop by Market Street to talk to Stefano about these topics.

Prescription Deliveries, Drive-Thru Pickup/Dropoff

Market Street Pharmacy has partnered up with Market Street to provide prescription deliveries within the town of Vulcan.  This is a convenient way for town residence to get their prescriptions. 

You can also quickly and easily get your prescriptions at our pickup/dropoff window at the pharmacy which is located on the 1st street side of Market Street grocery store.

Give us a call or stop by the next time you’re at Market Street to find out more about these services.


Additional Prescribing Authority

Stefano, the Pharmacy Manager at Market Street Pharmacy, has undergone the necessary training and requirements to be certified with Additional Prescribing Authority with the Pharmacy regulatory body, the Alberta College of Pharmacy.   This means that Stefano has the authority to prescribe medication for minor to moderate ailments, such as:

  •  Cold Sores
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Anti-Inflamitory Rubs
  • Pinkeye
  • Mild Infections
  • and many others

Feel free to stop by Market Street or call into the pharmacy for more information.

Travel Health Services

Stefano has gone through an extensive training program on Travel Health and is equipped to provide comprehensive travel consults for destinations anywhere in the world.  If you are thinking of travelling, Stefano has the expertise to advise you on health advisories where you will be travelling, motion sickness you may experience when flying, issues that you may encounter in higher-elevation locations, and anything else related to travel health.

Your Travel Health Educator is just a phone call away or a stop at the local Market Street Vulcan grocery store.



Compression Stocking Fitting

 Amber, the Pharmacy Assistant at Market Street, is a certified Compression Stocking Fitter.  She has completed the training required to guide you in selecting compression stockings to fit your needs.  Compression stockings are special socks that fit snugly and are designed to help your circulation and blood flow better.  They are helpful in a  number of situations such as for those who are at risk with conditions like diabetes, for athletes, for people who are on their feet all day, and even for pregnant women. 

Stop by the pharmacy or call in to talk to Amber about Compression Stockings.

Alberta Aids To Daily Living

The Alberta Aids to Daily Living program (AADL) is a provincial program to help Albertans with long-term disabilities or chronic illnesses pay for basic medical equipment and supplies to improve their quality of life.  As of 2021, Market Street Pharmacy is now qualified to as part of this program to provide this service to the Vulcan area community. 

Contact us at the pharmacy to find out more about this program and eligibility.

Overview of Our Services