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Resources For You


Diabetes Resources

The best for information about diabetes is Diabetes Canada which is a registered national charity whose mission it is to provide education, guidelines, and support for those facing diabetes and for clinicians treating diabetes. 

The Diabetes Guidelines provided by Diabetes Canada can be daunting to read through.  Here is an example of a valuable section on Nutrition to help get you started:

Remember that Stefano, your local pharmacist at Market Street, is a Certified Diabetes Educator and happy to answer any questions you have! 

Nutrition Tips


Check out some of these tips on a tour of Market Street!

Travel Health

Staying Healthy While Travelling

One of the best resources for travel is the Government of Canada travel advisory website. here you can find advisories and information about travelling abroad.  It’s always good to be informed about what to expect when travelling to another country.

Another one of the best resources for international travel is the CDC Traveller’s Health website, which delves into more depth on specific travel health information.  You can browse the information by destination, advisories, and other topics.

And don’t forget, Stefano is a Travel Health Educator and can help you out with any of your travel health questions and needs at Market Street in Vulcan.


Getting Enough Sleep

The Canadian Sleep Society is an advocacy group dedicated to improving sleep for Canadians.  They support research, clinical care, and education regarding healthy sleep, and have some information on their website about these topics. 


Nail Fungus

The Canadian Nail Fungus Resource website has a wealth of information on what Nail Fungus is, how to identify it, prevention tips, treatment options, and much more.  If you have any questions about this condition, Onychomycosis, then this will be helpful.  You can also visit or call us at Market Street Pharmacy with any questions about this condition.