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Market Street Pharmacy

We are your local pharmacy at Market Street in Vulcan, serving the town of Vulcan and surrounding communities.  Stefano is your friendly accredited pharmacist, ready to serve you with knowledge, care, and attention.  Amber is his pharmacy assistant and always inviting and willing to help.

Together, Stefano and Amber are committed to being your go-to place for helpful, friendly advice, guidance, and pharmacy services in the area.  We welcome you to stop by and visit!

Unique Professional Services

We offer all the typical pharmacy services plus unique ones like Diabetes Education, Travel Health, Compression Stockings, and more!

Personalize Care

Stefano’s pharmacy experience has been built around providing personalized, meaningful care.  Rest assured that Stefano and Amber are here to serve you one-on-one and will give you as much time and attention as you need.

History and Heritage

Market Street Pharmacy comes with a long heritage in the community.  Stefano is carrying on the legacy of two prior generations of pharmacists in Vulcan, and is committed to continuing with high standards of care.

Our Team


Pharmacy Assistant
Jill is the newest addition to the Market Street Pharmacy Team!  She moved to Vulcan with her family about 8 years ago and finds that the community has been a great place to raise a family!  Jill loves to help people on their health journey and and is always ready to do so with a big happy smile.



Pharmacist & Pharmacy Manager
Stefano has been in pharmacy since graduating from the University of Saskatchewan in 2006.  Having grown up in Saskatoon with heritage from the family farm in Sonningdale, SK, Stefano fit right in with the community when he first joined Market Street in 2019.  He’s worked as a pharmacy manager for other big companies like WalMart and Save-On-Foods, but has enjoyed working in Vulcan most of all.  He is passionate about learning about how to help people live healthier lives, and in 2021 completed an intensive program to become a Certified Diabetes Educator.  Stefano is friendly, approachable, and always ready to serve.


Pharmacy Assistant
Amber is friendly, professional, and easy to talk to.  She is rooted in the community and loves to serve.  After a hiatus of several years, she re-joined the Market Street Pharmacy team in 2019.  Recently, she took the initiative to become a Certified Compression Stocking Fitter which is just another way that lets her serve the needs of the community better.

Areas of Expertise & Professional Interest

Certified Diabetes Educator

Stefano is certified to provide education and guidance on both treating and preventing diabetes.

Travel Health Educator

Stefano has completed the training to provide education and guidance on travel health.

Certified Compression Stocking Fitter

Amber is a certified Compression Stocking Fitter and able to help you with all your compression stocking needs.

Insomnia, Onychomycosis, Nutrition

Stefano is always seeking to learn about ailments and factors that impact people’s health.  These are some of the ones he has particular interest and experience in.

Our Heritage

We are carrying forward the legacy of pharmacy service in Vulcan

Our pharmacy was started back in the 40’s and was originally located on Main Street in Vulcan.  That was another time and things were very different back then.

At some point, that pharmacist passed down the practice to his son.  In the year 2000, the pharmacy moved from its original location on Main Street to the First Street Foods grocery store, where it has been ever since. 

After the pharmacist left the practice, the pharmacy carried on for a period of time without a consistent, full-time pharmacy manager.  That was until Stefano came on to the scene, starting part-time to provide guidance and help in 2017 and then moving on to become the dedicated Pharmacy Manager in August 2019. 

Since then, Stefano has embraced the responsibility, grown the pharmacy’s services and expertise, improved his depth of knowledge, and connected with the community in a positive way.  He is committed to carrying on a legacy of helping people in the community to live healthier lives. 

Pharmacy License

License from the Alberta College of Pharmacy

Pharmacist License

Stefano, Pharmacy Manager

Certified Diabetes Educator Certificate

Stefano just received his Certified Diabetes Educator certification from the CDECB in 2021

Travel Health Educator

Stefano is a Travel Health Educator

Compression Stocking Fitter Certificate

Amber is a certified Compression Stocking Fitter and able to help you with all your compression stocking needs.

Alberta Aids to Daily Living Approval

Program Approval

Professional Certifications

These are some of our certifications and licenses at Market Street Pharmacy.